Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Furiniture and the machine

My idea is for the lost empire hidden away in a lush paradise. The idea of this is that there is a civilization that date back to Feudal Japan. They live in a location where large mountains cover their location. In a location where they found these "magical" crystals that shape their life and culture. My civilization do not live off electricity, rather they use their powers for light and to lift things with theeey'z mindszz. Over time though, the people fight over the remaining crystals and more and more of their people do not have the powers that they had ages ago. Their machines efficiencyand eeverythin starts to the fade

For this week I wanted to tackle furniture, so I can sort of set the mood for everything else to come. My biggest reference and inspiration comes from ancient and modern day Japan structures. My civilization has "magic powers" due to these crystals, that they consume for more energy. The crystals are not placed in any of the lanterns of lamps because they are all activated by the user(with whaaaat? maaagic..) There is going to be a royalty system in my civlization, so I wanted to have some high class floating chairs. All the furniture are made out of stone and wood, but I plan on the machines to have some metal parts.

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