Wednesday, November 30, 2011

George Mallari's Environment Thumbnails

World Project Proposal


You will be given the next two classes to finish your world project by completing additional iterative sketches and final concept sketches that you will compose into presentation pages.


You will present the presentation pages to your classmates on the last day of class.

You will need to submit all additional ideation sketch pages along with you presentation pages on the final day of class.

You will have a total of 3 hardware components designed for your world each with their own presentation page.

You should compete a minimum of 6 presentation pages

Presentation Pages

Page Setup
- Compose all presentation pages in Photoshop.
- All presentation pages should be at a 300 dpi resolution
- Pages should be a minimum print size of 8.5 by 11 inches
- Pages should be graphically interesting with description headings and good composition
- Email a tiff image of each presentation page at full resolution to
- Post on blog all 6 presentation pages and all supporting ideation pages

Page Content
- Location: Landscape, large scope environment
1 presentation pages

- Place: Architecture, small scale setting
1 presentation pages

- Props: Hardware, elements used by the inhabitants
4 presentation pages

landscape thumbs

Field Leisner

robert ortega

Zach Carlock Environments

Erik Ly enviro

Nicole Chang Environent

Environment Sketches

Sam McKittrick's hw

Alex Martin Environment Sketches

My in class sketches that I forgot to post earlier...

Jared Lunsford - Week 13

Matt Carranza - 11/30/2011 (Environment)

Jaime - environments 11/29

Honda Rivera-Environments