Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Design Brief

Idea Seeds:

1. In a land thirsty for water and wanting of beauty, fortified cities cradle rare water resources where fuel dependent technologies endows them with strength.

2. A lost empire hidden away in a lush paradise, distresses as their ancient technology they rely on gives in to age.

Homework: due Oct 12, 2011

Design Brief:
Write up ideas for the construct of your chosen world
Think of all the “things” that exist in this world
Add photo reference for design direction
Be ready to present them in class

6 full pages of thumbnails and ideation sketches
Choose 2 of the following hard surface objects to design for your world, and work on one for this week.
Think about it’s context, purpose, cultural influences, etc.
You can use any media you prefer.

-Transportation device
-Machine/electronic equipment

Things to think about later for your world:


Post write up and 6 thumbnail pages to blog

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